Your talents…

We hear it so often but do we believe it and trust that it is so? Your talents and gifts will work for you and place you before great men. It’s true:

Proverbs 18:16. The thing is that you need to truly believe it and live it out and go after your gifts. No one can drum your gifts into you because they are yours. No matter how many times this truth is narrated back at you if you don’t believe it and live in it it is all meaningless.

Let me tell you an open secret,????????????????bees live this truth daily. They know they defy science wrt their wings and body proportions and flight. They face adverse environmental impacts daily, their honey ???? is shared with us humans so they have to produce more and fly longer distances to get food. They still do it and serve their queen ???? and look after the colony.

If this little creature can have so much belief and self-assurance about what and why and how why not us as human beings?