About Alice’s Honey

About Alice’s Pure Honey

From South African Flora Bees, on a farm full of Aloes and Natural Flora.

Got Alice’s Honey tested…… I received the greatest news. “Absolutely fabulous honey”, they said “Pure, raw and authentic” I screamed, jumped, prayed, screamed and cried and fell silent from sheer and utter joy.

This is what it takes for you to enjoy Alice’s Honey. By supporting Alice’s Honey you enable Alice’s Honey to get more hives and more swarms are added and we:

  1. Save the bees
  2. Save the environment as the bees pollinate 30% of our food crops and 90% of the wild flora
  3. Save the wild animals that depend on the bees to pollinate their food
  4. Save the planet
  5. Save the human population as without bees all life will have 4 years to exist before extinction
  6. Create jobs, more hives means more job. More sales mean more jobs. Increase employment and skills development
  7. Empowerment for the unemployed, empowerment and kick-start for graduates to up-skill themselves, skills development for those who couldn’t finish school
  8. Job creation means families can now afford to take care of their loved: food, clothing, shelter and education
  9. Job creation means hope and reduction in crime
About Alices Honey

Why Choose Alice’s Honey

What a journey. I am building a brand that wants to change the face of business through health and wellness, job creation, skills development, empowerment especially graduates and most importantly informing educating and communication about bees and their importance to life and health.

Honey is a by-product of what we do. We are in the business of changing lives inside and outside. Bees change life and honey benefits life. So the more sales we have the more people we employ and the more Bee colonies we can add to our hives this changing the face of the planet.

Alice Dlamini


“Highly recommend, Alice’s Honey, pure raw natural local honey!! Delicious!”

Luis Vinagre

“Great honey! Highly Recommend”

Erik Johnson

“Best honey you can find!
Definitely recommend”

Karl Shearer