Your life’s mission:

If we all understood that we were created for a purpose much bigger than we could dream then fear would not have any place in our lives.

Bees???????????? operate without boundaries. If they waited for the right moment, right temperatures????, right water levels, comfortable sun rays???? and the right flowers???????????????? and perfectly blooming season, trust me they would be their own enemy. They would be extinct by commission. Bees take every opportunity by their little stingers and fly and fight for the right to live and so should you.

We miss many opportunities and great adventures because we default to:

1. What will they think of me?
2. Will I be accepted and respected?
3. Will they this?
4. Will they that?
5. Will I see my name in lights?

If you claim your gift and move without the barriers that society places on you then you live a full life.