Rejection: a bee’s perspective.

Bees???????????????????? are very sensitive insects. They are so very in tuned to each other and their needs. One of the special ways bees recognize each other is by pheromones. The queen????????bee has to be accepted by everyone in the colony. If they do not recognize her by pheromones she is rejected. The bees reject her because they are not familiar with her and the value ????she holds and brings to the colony.

We all have been rejected a few times in our lives. Jobs, people we thought loved us and cared for us, friends. But what you forget is that they did not reject you because you were worthless. They rejected you because they were incapable of seeing your worth, your value. God always creates masterpieces. So when they rejected you, God allowed it because they would have misused you – He saved you. Never be ashamed of rejection. It is divine intervention and grace you were rejected to get you to a better place.