Alice and Bee


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Alice and Bee Children’s Book is a five series of children’s educational book that will cover the life of bees and the ecosystem.

The first book is about Alice’s first encounter with Beebi. Beebi takes Alice on her first adventure to learn about how bees need flowers and plants for nectar and pollen to make honey. She is taken into the golden, delicious world of bees where she sees all this take place. Nothing could have prepared her for this amazing experience and Alice has developed the utmost respect for the bees and their need for the flora.


This first part series is for ages 3 years – 7 years.

The next adventure sees Alice and Beebi go into the majestic falls.

This second series has a lot more to offer as a storybook for kids from ages 3 years and facts for kids up to 10 years old.

Hold on to your seats, it’s about to get wet and wild!!!!!!!!!!

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