Pure Honey in 500g Glass Jar


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Brand: Alice’s Pure Honey

Pure Honey

From South African Flora Bees, on a farm full of Aloes and Natural Flora.

Alice’s Honey has been tested and graded as Pure, Raw and authentic Honey. Proudly South Africa Pure Honey.

Product of South Africa – Support local honey

Ingredients: 100% Pure Honey

Color: Light to slightly darker Honey

Jar: Glass


Pure Honey Facts

  • Pure honey will crystallise after a few weeks…… “Honey” that remains on the shelf for months on end and is runny contains other sugars.
  • Pure honey does not freeze. If you put pure honey in the freezer it will crystallise but NOT freeze as pure honey contains NO WATER. Again, in the colder months honey crystallines more quickly. Fake honey contains WATER, is runny and freezes.
  • Pure honey will sink to the bottom when poured in a glass of water, fake honey will dilute.
  • Pure honey contains the anti-oxidants, nutrients and vitamins, is antiseptic, assists with healing allergies versus fake honey which will damage the liver and increase the risk of many illnesses.
  • PURE honey is always more expensive than FAKE honey. If honey is cheap it’s not good.
  • PURE honey ONLY has 1 ingredient – Honey. Fake honey has many other ingredients. Read the label.
  • Be aware as there are many kinds of honey on sale at low prices en masse as people want to make huge profits off your health.


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