Honey is how bees are able to survive the terribly cold winter months. Bees work extraordinarily hard in the warmer months to enable them to feed off the honey, bee pollen and Royal Jelly in the winter. Some of the bees in the colony may die but the worker bees have ensured that there is enough food to pull everyone through the winter.

How much more us human beings? If we worked together to pool our resources and gifts to help each other survive the many challenges life throws at us. If we had enough food to go around for everyone – which has been proven there is – if we were to put clothes on someone, build a small shelter so that no one sleeps under a bridge.

Bees are known to help each other when one bee is in trouble. Human beings are created higher than animals.

Let us be kinder to each other. Let’s show mercy towards one another. It is for the benefit of all that we all take care of each other.