Do not fear.

Always walk with your head held high…..never allow circumstances and people to determine how far you can go and how high you can leap…… don’t let life paralyse you.

You never see bees ????????????????flying in a sombre mood….they are always determined. Bees ????????????have a life schedule and that is to ensure the safety and well being of the hive whether in plenty or in abundance. The objective and determination and actions are still there.

So get up, dust off yesterday’s setbacks and have the resolve to start over BUT this time, do it right, start off with God and everything will fall into place. You are here in this place and space and time for a reason. Don’t waste it MOVE!!!!!! I am behind you and rooting ????☺️ for you and urging you on to be the best you EVER,????. You need to believe it and action it.

Doors will close, your friends and family may think you are crazy and tear you down…..some people will never understand your life’s mission and journey. Never try to bring people on your mission specific journey. You will fail.

Be blessed.