The enormity of a bee????:

Bees are so small, yet;
1. They feed???????????? a colony of 40 000 or greater.
2. They forage in the harshest of environments????????????????.
3. They will fly thousands of kilometres to find nectar and pollen.
4. They stop to help each other if anyone of them is in trouble.
5. They come together and form an army???????????????????? to fight off intruders.

What more can I say? Never think yourself;
1. Unqualified.
2. Disqualified.
3. A failure from your past mistakes.
4. Not gifted.
5. Not powerful.
6. Not loved.
7. I am not enough.

You are everything that is good and perfect in the sight of God. You can do it and you can conquer.

When you forget, think how strong a bee???? is and see how strong you ????????‍♂️????????‍♂️are. Don’t let fear take that away. Bees are fierce and fearless creatures.