Bees???????????? are dying BUT honey supply increases?????????????????

Ever wondered???? why there is concern around the bee population decreasing yet when we go into stores there is an endless supply of honey?

The truth is that the bee population???????????? is declining due to pesticides, hive theft, hive destruction and environmental factors – a decline of fauna????????????????, scarcity of flora???????????????? and water????. The reason why there is still so much honey flowing is because most of it is not honey. What you get in the market is adulterated honey – honey syrup.

Why adulterated honey? Any beekeeper will tell you that if your intentions are to be wealthy and make lots of money ????????????????beekeeping is not it. It is hard work, lots of stings and doing the right thing, caring for the bees and the environment. That means a lot of people want the benefits without doing the right thing hence they cut corners and destroy everything in their wake. Honey is liquid gold but there is not enough of it.

Next time you buy honey???????????????????????? make sure you understand and know where it comes from.